Meechaiel Criner Was being living at LifeWorks shelter when he brutally raped and murdered Ut Student Haruka Weiser.  Here is local activist Chris Harris dismissing her sexual assault and murder with the claim that fraternities are responsible for more deaths at the University of Texas at Austin.



Details of Haruka Weiser’s death showed clear signs of sexual assault. Weiser suffered strangulation and a skull fracture on the left side of her head. The sexual assault occurred around the same time of her death, but that her heart was still beating when the sexual assault took place. The cause of Weiser’s death was due to being strangled with the ligature prosecutors described as a nylon strap. The blunt force trauma played a role because it would have incapacitated her, meaning she wouldn’t have been able to remove the ligature.

Chris Harris is a native Texan and advocate for criminal justice reform. For the last 2 years he’s worked as a criminal justice data analyst and advocate, highlighting waste and injustice in policing and incarceration.